Getting into a relationship with your loved one is undeniably the most beautiful feeling ever. Being together, spending quality time with each other, feeling special and a sense of being complete comes along to make life beautiful. However, it is easy to begin a relationship but to continue and maintain it for a longer run comes up as a major challenge. A relationship is not completely a bed of roses  but a commitment which demands endless compromises and effort, in a truer sense. It is always advised to not fake your personality and stay the way you are, for faking can never run for longer period of time. But to bring in some behavioural changes for self-betterment and continued happiness in your relationship is no harm. Note the following behaviours that are bound to end your prize-possessed relationship.



– Whining and complaining: Are you the constant cribber who keeps on complaining about anything and everything almost everytime? Well, that is where you are going wrong. Nobody wants to date a whiner, full of gloom and negativity for everything. Constant complaining is equivalent to self-ruining your relationship.

– Pathetic Past: To bring the ghosts of your past relationship in your present one has to be completely denied.  Never let the negativity and hurt from your past hover over your present. Not only will these bring along a lot of misunderstandings and fights but will also diminish the chances of succeeding this relationship too. Start afresh, when you are completely over and moved on from your ex-beau.

– Trust Issues: Any relationship’s basic foundation is trust. If you do not trust your partner, your bonding can never grow and rather will always be entangled amidst the endless stupid fights. Too much of everything is hazardous; be it trust or leniency. So ensure to be a great partner and not be skeptical about each and everything. Trust your partner and believe in their love. But make sure that the trust comes from within, because enforced trust won’t last for long. 🙂

– Ignoring Celebration: It may sound too cheesy, but yeah, celebrate your anniversaries and other important days together. Make your partner feel loved, plan surprises, write letters, go on dates, etc. It will definitely keep the spark alive and life will become even more beautiful.

– Eye contact: Absence of eye contact while you talk to your better half can make them feel unwanted. A sense of insecurity might also arise within them. So make sure you maintain eye contact with your partner when talking to them. Apart from giving a feel that you are completely with them, it is also a very healthy sign.

–  Self Oriented: Relationship is an affair between two people but when it solely focuses on one person, it is bound to doom. Take care of your partner’s needs, interests and happiness too rather than complaining and thinking only about your own contentment.

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