The constant turns and twirls in the story of Yeh Hain Mohabbatein weren’t being much appreciated by the viewers. The situation went so bad that the show slipped down a lot on the TRP charts that it was not being able to make it to top 5.

When something such happens to the leading serial since several years, it is bound to stress the show-makers. The re-entry of villains might have failed to do wonders but the entry of new character has surely impressed the viewers. As per the lathe show has done exceptionally well this time had made it to the top 5 list.

The gripping story of Adi and Roshni’s forceful marriage and Aaliya’s evil plans to ruin Adi’s life in turn has turned out be a good card. Moreover, the new generation characoshnters Adi, Roshni and Aaliya are being loved by the viewers – so all the credits to them.

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