“My Dad Was Super Safe But Covid Still Happened” Says Shruti Haasan, Checkout!!

Actor Shruti Haasan, who has been filming for two years, remains paranoid on the film set. She is reassured that most of the country is currently vaccinated, but Omicron variants are “widely worried,” she said. “I lost a friend to Covid. There are no particular permutations and combinations as to who can contract it but I definitely do believe that vaccination has reduced the impact of the virus,” she says.

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She talks about her father, actor and politician Kamal Haasan, who was infected with the coronavirus last month. “My dad was super safe but it still happened. But he has recovered 100% and he has back to shooting. That’s wonderful news to all of us. The hospital was amazing and we’re really thankful to them.”

On the professional side, Haasan is ready to publish a volume of poetry she wrote, so she plans to wear a professional author’s hat. She says, “There was something personal that kept developing over time. I could just share them with my friends and family. Since my job entails writing now, I thought that I might as well compile the poems into a big bundle and share it with everyone.”

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She adds, “I’ve been writing since I was 13. As a teenager, poetry was my sanity. Poetry has always been the driving force for me to communicate about myself to myself and maybe find a common thread with somebody else.”

Vakeel Saab’s performer, also known for her music, says she gradually moved to writing the lyrics for her songs. “I love reading poetry and lyrics. I hadn’t ever thought of writing songs but my teacher at music school told me that I should start it, and the most amazing part is that I didn’t have to learn it. I’m still the person who looks up for lyrics online. Hip hop and rap lyrics are so intelligent. I love the way they use words and tell a story”, Haasan concludes.

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