“My Husband Has Lots Of Ego And Only Salman Sir Can Bring His Level Down,” Says Rakhi Sawant: Read Story

Rakhi Sawant said that her better half, Ritesh, would consent to take part in Bigg Boss in the event that he gets offered great cash for it. She said that he ‘has a ton of ego’ and must be tempered by Salman Khan and Bigg Boss.

Subsequent to showing up as a competitor on the first season of Bigg Boss, Rakhi came as a ‘challenger’ in the latest season, Bigg Boss 14, also. Her husband Ritesh, whose personality is yet to be uncovered, was an interesting issue of conversation on Bigg Boss 14. 

Adding, Rakhi said that she mentioned the creators of Bigg Boss orchestrating Ritesh to get back from Canada and take part in the show with her. “My better half has a ton of inner self, Salman (Khan) sir and Bigg Boss are the ones in particular who can cut his level down. Numerous individuals have their heads in the perfect spot subsequent to going inside the Bigg Boss house,” she said.

Rakhi said that Ritesh, who is yet to uncover himself to the world, would consent to be a piece of Bigg Boss. “‘Paisa phenk, tamasha dekh (Throw cash and get engaged)’. Everybody works for cash and if Bigg Boss gives a decent offer, is there any good reason why he wouldn’t go?” she inquired.

On Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi claimed that Ritesh is now hitched with a kid. She said that he concealed the way that he has another family from her until after their wedding. She likewise guaranteed that they have not met since they got hitched in July 2019. She encouraged him to come on the show to quiet the individuals who questioned his reality and felt that her marriage guarantee was an exposure stunt.

Rakhi proceeded to become one of the finalists of Bigg Boss 14. Notwithstanding, she changed out with ₹14 lakh.

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