Here is a list of medical myths and facts related to them:
Is D Dimer the only lab criteria for severity?
Fact: No. There are more criteria for severity. Like, Absolute lymphocytic count < 800. D Dimer > 100. CPK > 2X ULN. CPR > 100. LDH > 245. Trop I rising. Ferritin > 300.

Are the labs working without any standard guidelines?
Fact: This is a myth. There are standard guidelines for daily tests and risk stratification. Daily tests: CBC with differential lymphocytes, CMP, CPK. Risk stratification Q2-3 DAY PRN (as needed): D Dimer, Feritn, ESR, CRP.

Do all pneumonia patients need admission?
Fact: Not all the patients need to be admitted. Only if Temperature > 38. Respiratory rate > 20. Heart rate > 100 with new confusion. Oxygen saturation < 94%.

Is there no clear cut red flag for COVID?
Fact: There are symptoms for COVID:
• Severe shortness of breath at rest.
• Difficulty in breathing.
• Pain or pressure in the chest’.
• Cold, clammy, pale and mottled skin.
• New confusion.
• Becoming difficult to rouse.
• Blue lips or face.
• Little or no urine output.
• Coughing up blood.
• Neck stiffness.
• Non blanching rash.

Does headache rule out COVID 19?
Fact: No, It is present in 14% cases.

Does fever with chills only indicates flu?
Fact: Chills are present in 12% cases. So, it can be a symptom for COVID.
Does cough with sputum rule out COVID 19?
Fact: No, sputum may be present in 34% cases. So, sputum does not rule COVID out.

Is nasal congestion common in COVID?
Fact: No, It is present in only 5% of cases. So, don’t wait for Nasal Congestion.

Can Hydroxychloroquine cause QT prolongation?
Fact: No, it’s the combination with Azithromycin, leads QT prolongation.