Myths associated with pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most excited period in a woman’s life and her family as well. But just happiness is not everything it has certain challenges associated with it. When a woman gets pregnant there were so many things her family and everyone starts expecting in advance before the birth of the young one and hence it results in making the whole duration of pregnancy more complicated. Everyone starts giving free advice to the going to be mother like what to do ,what not to do inorder to give birth to a healthy baby. These advices are not always correct and are mere myths which should not be believed, rather follow the advices of your doctor. Here are certain myths and actual realities regarding pregnancy.

Your belly shape tells gender of the baby

It is one of the most common myth we here about when we see a pregnant woman. It can be  noticed mostly in villages where by seeing the shape of the belly many assumes the gender of the baby,if a woman is carrying high it is a girl and if the woman is carrying low it is a boy. But the reality behind this is the shape of the belly depends upon the her muscle size, tone, amount of fat deposited around her tummy and also the position of the baby.

Eating more is needed during pregnancy

It is said that during pregnancy one should eat double the amount of food than usual. That means going to be mother should eat food for two. This is another myths as during pregnancy calorie requirement increases and woman requires about 350kcals more to ensure good health of the baby and can be taken through balanced diet rather than eating for two.

Exercise will harm the baby

One of the biggest myths is this that excercise during pregnancy can harm the baby which is absolutely wrong assumption. Pregnant woman can excercise after consulting the doctor under trained professionals as excercise can improve stamina and prepare the body for the process of labour and delivery.

Stress during pregnancy is always bad

This is another myth.  New research shows that a moderate level of stress is actually good for the fetus: It tones the fetus’s nervous system and accelerates its development. Women who experienced moderate stress during pregnancy have two-week-old infants with brains that work at a faster speed than infants of mothers without the same stress, and two-year old toddlers with higher motor and mental development scores.