While you just thought that your face or body language determines your personality type, we will just tell you that nails also play an important role in defining you. It is the shape of your nails that reveals much about your personality. Like every other thing, there is a science dedicated to this also. Check below how your nails define your personality type:



Square shape


Those with square shape have amazing leadership qualities. These people always remain happy and make everyone laugh in their company. At times, these people show much attitude that annoys people.

Oval shape


Oval shape indicates that the person is very romantic and kind. Also, the person has a different and strange level of imagination.

Triangle shape

photo 1

Triangular shape indicates that the person is smart, intelligent and innovative. People look up to you as an inspiration.

Almond shape 


All those with almond shape are very honest and faithful. Such people are polite to everyone. Also, they are good at giving solutions for all problems.

Sword shape 

People with sword shape nails are hardworking and ambitious. They work hard to achieve their goals. They are also good at completing tasks outside their comfort zone.

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