We all know the importance of names. It gives the sense of personal identity and uniqueness as individual. But do you know that your names have some effect on your overall personality? Not just names even the letter with which your name starts says lot about your overall personality and traits. Today we are discussing about the letter “R”. Yes here comes the very ravishing and radiant letter “R”. See how the “R” name people actually are and what personality trait they exhibit.


R first name people are loyal, compassionate, and affectionate. They love challenges and will eagerly attack tasks that others shy away from.

Whether girl or boy, people with R as first letter of their name don’t like to talk much about unnecessary things and rather prefer to talk to the point. They are always looking for something new. And they tend to be lost in their own world.

They are destined to both status and wealth.

People who have R as first letter in their name are blessed with a big heart. They have a very easygoing personality and they adopt a humane approach towards others in need.

Living in peace is what they look out for.

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