Sara Ali Khan’s debut episode seems like the most amusing and talked-about star kid Bollywood entry ever in Indian film industry. Her debut, which is not officially finalised yet, is taking notorious turns almost every other day.

Earlier, Saif was reluctant to launch his daughter under Karan Johar out of the fear that he will keep a firm hold on Sara’s career just like he openly polices Alia Bhatt’s life. It was only after Kareena’s keen persuasion that he agreed to launch Sara under Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year 2.

After Saif, Sara’s biological mother, Amrita Singh had issues with bikini scenes in her very debut film. She expressed her disappointment over the issue and was not in very much favour of the 4 bikini scenes that the Student Of The Year 2 has in its screenplay.

And now Sara herself has put up a big condition before the filmmakers before she finally signs the film. And the condition is, her debut film shouldn’t be a two-heroine project. She doesn’t want to share the limelight with any other actress. And this is reason that she turned down Student Of The Year 2 as it was a love triangle surrounding Tiger Shroff and two other actresses.

Well, is that Nawabi Nakhra or a fair demand? Let us know your view in the comments section below.

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