Eggs are one of the favorite part of my diet and I like them in all forms, especially scramble as they are the easiest to make. But, recently I got to know that scrambled eggs are worst egg preparing method.

An egg is highly rich in nutrients and most of them; namely vitamins A, D, E, K and Omega-3, all are contained in the eye of the egg or egg yolk. The yellow part of the egg is the most benefitting food for our body but due to concerns regarding cholesterol levels, people tend to avoid them. It is now that I would like to point out that healthy foods actually have high cholesterol as well as saturated fat and egg yolks too have high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is needed by our body to regulate our cell functions. The food that we eat provides us with only 20-25% of cholesterol while it is our own liver which produces the rest of the 75-80% cholesterol. This means that you can have eggs all week and month if you want to and your cholesterol will be only slightly affected, on the contrary, you will gain a lot of good nutrients. Plus, eggs don’t raise heart risks.


So, now that cholesterol is out of our way, here is why you should not eat scrambled eggs and how you should prepare eggs. The best way to have them is to have them ‘raw’. Heating up and cooking (boiling and frying and whatever else you can do), destroys the important nutrients I talked about above, especially the yolk. If you are going to have eggs then the best way to prepare them is to make poaches, soft boil them or at least keep the yolk partially raw.

There is actually iron present in the white part of eggs and mixing them with the yolk, while cooking, leads to oxidation of cholesterol which leads to body inflammation. So, from now on make scrambled eggs as less as possible and to go for healthy poaches and raw eggs.

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