Neena Gupta Refrains From The Tag Of Being Called Brave & Believes Honesty Isn’t Always The Best Policy

Neena Gupta claims she is not a brave person. Honesty, she believes, provides a certain strength. Of course, according to common belief, honesty isn’t always the best policy. The actress, who has recently done a lot of work on different OTT platforms, believes that the digital revolution has ensured opportunities for women of all ages at the Jaipur Literature Festival for her book ‘Such Kah un To.’

In addition to that, she said, “I am 62 now, and there is enough work for me. In the past, it was not easy for women above 40 to get many roles. But OTT has changed the scenario completely. Because young directors are bringing forth scripts that do not follow a set template of characters, there is a demand for actors across age groups. Frankly, I am glad that the digital medium has emerged in my lifetime I am making the most of it.”

Gupta, an alumnus of the National School of Drama (NSD), has played a variety of characters in theatre, television, and film. She says that growing up in middle-class Delhi allowed her to observe various characters up close, which has always helped her sketch the characters on screen effectively.

She also stated that rigorous theatre training ensures that you keep your eyes alert for even the smallest details that can be incorporated. The many sights, sounds, and personalities of a culturally rich city like Delhi that surrounded her from childhood molded her greatly, and she continues to draw from them. She claims that writing about her father, mother, and brother was the most emotional element of writing her autobiography. “There stories were very sad, and everything came back when I wrote those chapters,” she says.

She goes on to say that she would not call her decision to have Masaba without marriage “brave,” but that she was a young girl who fell in love, became pregnant, and had a kid she wanted to retain. It wasn’t simple, either. Many well-wishers advised her to be cautious, predicting that things would get unpleasant. However, in her response, she stated that when one is young, one rarely listens to anyone.

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