Neha Kakkar Talks About Ending Her Life Afters Her Links With Indian Idol Contestant Vibhor Parashar

Bollywood industry may seem attracting from outside but it is full of chaos from inside. Basically, celebrities do not have a personal life and are judged upon everything they do. We all are well aware of singing sensation Neha Kakkar who is high on her career. She has made it to the top all by herself and never fails to impress by giving some really top hits songs. We also know that she was dating Himansh Kohli and then had an ugly breakup which literally broke her apart.

Now, a piece of news rotated where it was said that Neha is in love again. If rumours to be believed, Neha found new love in one of the Indian idol season 10 contestant, Vibhor Parashar. It is also said that Neha and Vibhor were romantically involved with each other. Clearing all the rumours in an interview with BollywoodLife, Vibhor stated that she is just helping her as a mentor because he has talent. Vibhor stated, “You should take it as a rumour.” Further giving some more clarification, he was quoted as saying, “People have shit mentality. If someone is helping you build your career, it is because they see some talent in you. Just because I don’t tag her as didi (sister) on Instagram, everyone starts thinking that she is my girlfriend.”

Speaking of the way Neha has inspired him, he said that he is ‘Vibhor’ because of her. In the Indian Idol contestant’s own words, “I’m Vibhor Parashar because of her. I really respect her and people know me because of her and obviously, also because of my hard work. So, I don’t even feel like responding to these rumours. Mera dimaag kharab hota hai when I hear these things (I get irritated when I hear these things).People don’t understand that this negativity might hamper someone’s mentality. She has worked quite hard and today she is above all the Khans. So, this is totally wrong.”

Neha reacted to this rumour in a cryptic way. She talks about ending her life. The Indian idol judge took to her Instagram stories and revealed that she is not in good condition, physically as well as emotionally. Neha Kakkar’s first Insta story could be read as “While I’m writing this, I’m not in a good condition. Neither physically, nor mentally. But I had to speak up. You know, they don’t realise that I’m a daughter/sister of somebody. I’ve worked so hard all my life and made sure that I make my family proud and do good with everyone who’re not even my family/friends. Why do they spread rumours without even thinking how badly it’ll effect somebody’s life. Even if she’s a celebrity, she’s a human being first! Stop being so heartless. Stop talking about somebody’s personal life or character. Stop judging. Stop embarrassing people. Don’t do so much that they get depression. If you are a father or brother of somebody, will you do that to your daughter/sister? Stop making anybody feel so bad that they start thinking of ending their life. Please! Stop!!”

In the next story, Neha Kakkar concluded with, “People who care for me, don’t worry I’ll be fine! Bura time hai. It’ll pass! I have to be alright, have a concert tonight. But if you really care and wanna do something about it then try changing the world. Tell them to stop all that! Say no to the news that make people’s life miserable.” She ended on a note, “Main theek hoon. I have God and God jaisi family.”

We hope she gets happy soon.


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