Never Have I Ever S2 Trailer Out: Will Aneesa Be Turning The Romance Tables For Devi?

I will surely jump off the cliff. And I bet, you all will join me after listening to the info bit that Devi and her madness will again strike us all. The extremely weird teenagers are back and we are not getting enough of them.

Moreover, we can also have the first glimpse of the second season of the series as Netflix has unveiled the trailer today. Full of insanity, bizarreness, and clumsiness the almost two minutes clip of ‘Never Have I Ever is no less than a roller coaster ride. Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) will soon arrive with her weirdos Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Fabiola Torres (Lee Rodriguez).

Joining the adolescent squad is the lead doctor mother Nalini. Those who know her can easily explain how she will be reacting to watch her uneasy but smart daughter kissing her so-called boyfriend. Wait, a storm is surely on its way because we know how strict this Indian mommy is.

However, the trio is confused too because it’s Devi’s last chance to get a high school boyfriend. But she is unable to choose between the super brainy Ben(Jaren Lewison) and the mega horny Paxton( Darren Barnet). Our awkward girl is in total apprehension.

Who will be her choice? It seems this time the competition is tough as her extremely stunning competitor Aneesa is setting the scenes on fire. Plus, our favorite being Dr. Jamie Ryan is reprising her role as the extremely understanding therapist of the leading lady.

Originally released back in April last year, the 10 episodic teen drama went on to get critical acclaim. It was received well by the streaming giant’s lovers. Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, the story is based on an American Indian girl who loses her father at a young age and is coping with this because she shares a cat-mouse relation with her mom. Plus, it is loosely inspired by Kaling’s childhood experiences.  It would be interesting for us to watch what will after Devi getting united with Ben meanwhile, a letter from Paxton is awaiting her reply.

Are you ready to welcome the madness with all garlands? Well, we have to wait for a little for this crazy ride to the OTTs. Though, hope you are keeping yourself safe in these times.

Happy reading.

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