Corporate Women come forth to Showcase their Kathak Moves.
By Syeda Eba Fatima
A group of corporate women enthralled the spectators by performing a kathak show in The Epicenter, Gurgaon. The dancers are senior executives with MNCs.
A dance show with the title ‘Navagraha’ was organized, based on astronomy, which has its roots in the Hindu Vedas. Rachna Yadav, the woman behind Rachna Kathak Studio organized the event. These fun-loving and hard-working professionals of all age group, danced to the beats of Indian classical music.

When asked about how they manage time with their hectic schedules, Dr Rekha Suman, Chairperson and MD of Dr Suman’s Cosmetic and Skin Clinic said, “It gets really hectic to manage so much. Since our passion lies in dancing and kathak is what provides utter relaxation, we managed to give our 100% and pursue our childhood dream”.

On the question of bringing the women of similar interest together and working in the same direction she said “it makes me feel so at ease and happy when I am dancing. It feels as if all my body’s stress is released when I perform kathak”.

When asked whether it was difficult to get back in the dancing shape, Dr Suman said, “It took a lot of time and practice to get the body’s gusto back but once we practised all the time, it was much easier to dance. In fact, it became fun rather than taxing.”

“It had been years since I danced on a stage, I was so nervous but all of it was gone once my feet touched the stage. It was an amazing experience,” she further said.

The performers had been practising kathak with utter determination and perseverance since the last two years. The hard work ultimately gave results when they were given a chance to perform on such a grand stage.

The programme was held on Friday, 27 May. They had to sacrifice their Sundays as well for the practice. The event began with a mesmerising group dance; Arangeratam, based on the nine planets of the solar system. It was followed by a duet act, a solo performance, a group dance and hence finally got wrapped up with another breathtaking kathak performance.

“Sometimes it was much harder as I could not spend time with my family or rest on the weekends. But my family was very supportive and I am so glad I did this performance. I feel so much more confident and happy now” she said.

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