Love is not lip-locked kisses.
By Shreeprakash Sharma

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you I could walk through my garden forever.”
– Alfred Tennyson.
Kamini and Karan were very good friends in a college. Both had fallen in love via social media and had sworn to live and die together. Everything had been passing smoothly when on one fateful morning, Kamini began feeling very sick with some weird tendency of vertigo and nausea.

Kamini stood stunned for a split second. She got very nervous, guessing some untoward happenings waiting their turn which she had never imagined of. Pretty helter and skelter she visited her family gynaecologist. On finding the medical report what came as the bitterest revelation shook her world and shattered the beautiful dream which she had been nurturing since her innocent childhood. To her dismay and great amazement she was reported to be eight weeks pregnant. Having found herself cornered, she met her boyfriend and made a humble request as the last resort to come out of the critically terrible condition she had fallen into.

“See Karan, I am in a great dilemma and predicament. I have come to know that I am pregnant. I still do not know how the things did come to such a sorry pass. Anyhow, this is not the time to repent nor to retreat. This problem has put not only my life in the trouble but also the lives and dignity of entire family is on stake. I cannot think any way out from this tragedy. Better would be if we both get married at the earliest lest the familial image and prestige gets hurt. Only marriage has been left as the last step to prevent myself from the social stigma of being called as mother of an illegitimate child”.

But Kamini was not so lucky. In moments her so delicately woven world of dreams collapsed when Karan expressed the whole incident as the typical elite culture of the yuppies of the cosmopolitan towns and cities.

“Come on baby… be mature. Do not act silly. People have now been planning to set up colonies on the Mars and you are so awkwardly caught between the prestige and status of family and society! Pregnancy today is nothing more than cold, cough and other petty health problems. Marriage is not the solution of unwanted pregnancy. Mind not and nor worry about it. I am with you and we will have no problem due to this. Let me talk it out with one very famous gynaecologist of the city who happens to be very good friend of my mother. We will go to her tomorrow and for now be relaxed and believe that everything will definitely be fine.”

“Oh! This is no way a solution. Neither I nor my family can digest this unsavoury bitter truth. Try to understand my dilemma. We cannot afford to accept this culture of letting such kinds of obnoxious things go so easily. If my parents get to know all about this they will kill me and also kill themselves. It is considered as the biggest stigma and worst kind of sin…You must marry me so that at least I can save my face under the veil and bond of legitimate conjugal relationship”, Kamini made her last request to her once so-trusted boyfriend.

The dream of a blissful conjugal life had broken for Kamini – her best friend had ditched her, left her in the lurch and outright refused to marry her, on the pretext of a promising career waiting in the imminent future.

In the meantime Kamini returned home with her bag and baggage. She made a clean breast of what havoc had occurred in her life. The news proved to be very earth-shaking for the family but considering the volatile age of their daughter, experienced and wise parents conceded everything and consoled their daughter whose dreamy world was completely ruined by a strange twist of fate.

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