New ‘Dabur’ Ad On Karwa Chauth Gets Involved In The Controversy, Know The Reason Why?

Lots of advertisements are seen during festivals like Dussehra and Diwali. In the meantime, advertisements are presented through various mediums to inform people about different products. All advertisement companies want to give a message differently. In the process, sometimes new ad ideas are welcomed and not welcomed at traditional festivals. The same thing happened with Dabur Ad on Karwa Chauth.

Also, advertisements are often made to convey a message. With a different message, Dabur has presented an advertisement on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. This ad is getting mixed responses from the audience. This ad is for a face bleaching product. It shows two young women getting ready for their first Karwa Chauth.

What exactly is advertising? “The first two women appear in this advertisement of fame.

They are wearing fame to enhance the radiance of their faces. These women are discussing the fast of Karwa Chauth. Then a senior woman in the house is seen giving new clothes for the festival.

Then the two of them celebrate Karwa Chauth with each other by looking at the moon. This last sentence in Dabur’s ad is meant to promote gay couples. The ad is getting support from some users on social media. So some users have protested this ad.

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The celebration of Karwa Chauth shown in this advertisement is a tradition of Hinduism and some say that it has hurt the feelings of Hindus. Many also say that the advertisement promotes racism. The response to this ad has been mixed. Some people think this is a modern idea of ​​a Hindu festival, while others have opposed this idea.

Meanwhile, although gay couples are legally recognized, they have not yet been accepted by society.

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