Popular actress, model and TV anchor Sonika Chauhan lost the battle of life in an unfortunate car accident in the early hours of 29th April. Sonika was accompanied by a Kolkata based actor Vikram Chatterjee, who was driving the car and escaped death with some critical injuries. Both of them were returning from a party that led to speculations of him being drunk and over-speeding the car.

While the court is yet to clear the air, Sonika’s mother Sharon Singh has started an online petition that blames Vikram Chatterjee for their daughter’s death. A part of the petition says, “The individual who was driving the vehicle is alive and well, and was (as video evidence shows) clearly drinking alcohol on that fateful night. He has evaded justice so far, and refuses to own up to the fact that he was indeed under the influence, and is therefore responsible of (sic) drunken and rash driving which led to the death of this young person, whom he calls his ‘dear friend.'”

In a press conference held by accused Vikram Chatterjee after the accident, he said, “I am hearing many things… that I was intoxicated, that I was driving at 120km per hour. But none of these things are true.” But videos of the party from which they were returning show him consuming drinks.

The inactive attitude of police, proximity between TMC and Tollywood, and the latest revealed details about the have raised a few important questions which need to be answered for the justice.

  1. An eye-witness was apparently partying with Sonika and Vikram claimed that the duo left the party at around 2:15. The accident took place between 3:30 and 4am. The distance between the Park Street (where they both partied) and the accident spot is 5kms. And there was no traffic. What happened between them or where else did they go that it took them more than 90 minutes to cover a distance of 5 kms.
  2. The police has been acting very hush-hush with the investigations and claims that the toxicology reports of Vikram have not arrived yet even after 10 days. There is also a doubt if the blood test was conducted within 24 hours, as per the law.
  3. Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Arup Biswas visited Vikram. He later told the media that he was asked by West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee to inquire about his health. There has always been a close nexus between TMC, the ruling party. Is TMC helping the probe to take him out from the case by taking favourable and illegal ways?
  4. The police is also not working efficiently under the alleged pressure of the ruling party that apparently wants to protect Vikram from being proved guilty. According to Times Now, the police recorded the statements of the eye-witnesses only after getting exposed. The eye-witnesses weren’t interrogated before.

This case has indeed taken an unexpected turn is exposing a lot many other crucial things as well!  What do you think, let us know in the comments section below.

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