New update on Kapil Sharma’s health will leave you shocked!

Comedian Kapil Sharma is stuck amid a lot of controversies these days. From him cancelling shoots repeatedly to abusing a journalist over a call to his show going off air, Kapil Sharma has made news all over and sadly, all for wrong reasons. As per reports, Kapil Sharma hasn’t been keeping well mentally. He is going through a stressful phase.

Latest reports suggest that Kapil Sharma is under heavy medication and is allegedly taking 23 medicines everyday. We recently shared with you that the comedian wasn’t enjoying his work for Family Time With Kapil Sharma for a long time. That was also said to be one reason behind him cancelling shoots every now and then. In between all these controversies, he came forward and said that he will revamp his show and come back.

A report also suggest that Kapil feels betrayed, he is also fed-up with all his prior commitments and isn’t interested to carry on with them because of his mental illness. He is said to be sleeping most part of the day. It was his birthday on 2nd April and reportedly, he was sleeping the whole day.

Not that Kapil Sharma is all alone. His family is standing strong with him, including his girlfriend Ginni. His friends from the television industry have also stood strong with him during this rough phase. Bharti Singh, Krushna Abhishek, Shilpa Shinde and many more actors have spoke in his support. Sunil Grover also in a recent interview said that Kapil should take care of his health., His ex-girlfriend and colleague Preeti Simoes’s sister Neeti, against who Kapil Sharma also filed a police complaint, has spoken in his support. She also wrote an open letter to him.

Surely, Kapil Sharma is having a tough time these days. We hope that he comes back to work really soon!





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