Bigg Boss season 11 will begin anytime soon and we are super excited to watch the show. Meanwhile, we have been giving you every single update of the show so that you don’t miss anything. Like last year, this year too, commoners will get a chance to be a part of the show.

Remember when the show had the double trouble theme and the contestants were handcuffed together? Well, this is how Bigg Boss makes it tough for all the contestants. Now with another season in the corner, we wonder what the showmakers are bringing in this season.


Now as per new reports, Bigg Boss will have an all new theme this season. The Bigg Boss house will be divided into two parts this season. The ones who are not in the main house will have to perform tasks and win their space in the main house with other contestants who are already there. Soon, all the contestants will get to the main house and fight to win the final battle.

The makers are still planning to make this season more entertaining. We have no confirmation yet about this new theme but if this is so, we are surely going to have a great time as the audience.

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