The New Whatsapp update might help you in many ways

Yesterday, whatsapp rolled out an update for their app which brings some major differences.
For starters, it makes the UI more materialistic and the layout of everything inside the app has been slightly changed.

The major changes that you will see in this new update are as follows:-

1.  A slight change in the UI and layout of the app and the placements of toggle switches.

2.  The major change that you are going to see in this update is, document attachment. Now, you have the capability to send any type of document through whatsapp just by clicking on the attachment icon near the chat window.

  1. You also get the slight improvement in emojis functionality. Quickly find the right emoji with emoji search. Tap the emoji icon in a chat and tap the search icon in the bottom left.

    4. Just like Instagram, from the in-app camera, you can now swipe up to see all of your photos and videos.

    5.  When typing text in a chat, now you can tap and hold to select the text to easily bold, strikethrough, or italicize it.

6. Various design improvements for voice and video calls have been made to the application to improve your experience.