When it comes to ringing in the New Year, who doesn’t love a good party? If you’re planning to throw a New Year’s Eve party, planning ahead is key to enjoy yourself too. Here are some tips on how to plan a great New Year’s Eve party.

Get your invitations out early so the your friends know that your house will be the place to be. You can send invites through e-mail or messages.

party 4 Decide on the music- Nothing ruins a party faster than someone’s music skipping or shutting down all together. Sit at the CD player and ask someone to go into another room, turn the volume up only until you can clearly hear the music in the next room. Plan ahead for where the volume knob should be, left during the party. Any louder and your just annoy the people. It would also be safer on peoples ears and no one will have to shout to be heard. Make sure there is dance space in your party room.

 Plan your snacks– New Year’s Eve party food should be simple. This is not the night for a full- course meal that will have your guests feeling sleepy by 9 pm. Instead, serve a variety of finger foods and other items that can be made ahead. Set up a buffet-style table so that guests can serve themselves throughout the evening. Some food suggestions include a gourmet cheese and cracker tray, vegetables and dip, pigs in a blanket (mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough and baked), and mini quiches.

party 2You might get several bags of plain ruffles potato chips and a couple bowls of ranch dip. In contrast set out ranch dip in the center of a veggie plate, with baby carrot’s broccoli and celery sticks.

Choose the drinks with the same care. If you serve several kinds of canned soft drinks, serve healthier options too. Some examples would be bottled water, flavoured water, tea, or juice. Consider offering beer and one red and one white wine selection.

 Decorating ideas- If you have already decorated your house for Christmas, keep those decorations up for your New Year’s Eve party for a more festive feel. You can also add some gold and silver streamers or balloons. Buy some fun things like noisemakers or blowouts and New Year’s party hats. Streamers are also a cheap but effective decoration.

 Decide on activities-Having games and activities that teens can do when each finds time during the party works best. Things like sign in boards and don’t-say-these-words games free up those who just want to chat and entertain those who need it.

 Plan for some overnight guests- If your friends have had too much to drink or just have a long way to travel, make sure you have sleeping accommodations or a designated driver for them. New Year’s Eve is a heavy party night and there are many irresponsible drivers on the road. So, keep your friends safe and start your new year off on the right foot.

 Dress in style-Tuck a colourful printed top into your bottom of choice. If you just want a touch of glitz, opt for a shirt with a bejewelled collar. Cover up with a cosy tweed jacket while you party hop. Flats can be fancy too when metallic’s in the mix.

Top off your look with a piece of statement jewellery, like a textured cuff.

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