Nikhil Kamnath Admits Taking Help To Defeat This Grandmaster!

The chess match played between India’s grandmaster Vishwanath Anand and Zerodha’s co-founder Nikhil Kamnath as a part of the COVID-19 fundraising campaign has spilled rotten beans. When Vishy lost to an amateur like Nikhil, the whole world settled its eyes on Nikhil with overflowing dubiety.

In succession, Nikhil came clean on Twitter, admitting that he used unfair means to defeat Vishwanath Anand who is a five-time world champion. But his confession hasn’t gone down well with many fans of chess and ardent followers of Anand himself who have slammed the co-founder schooling him on not graciously accepting defeat.

After the match, Nikhil’s account was banned on grounds of violating the Fair-Play policy. Even Anand took to Twitter supporting Nikhil’s apology adding that he just played the board position and expected others to do the same thing.

But fans had enough and wanted him to be suspended from touching chess ever in his life, and many were bowled out by the grandmaster’s down-to-earth forgiving attitude. Anand seemed chill about the whole play and let it go.

Others took pity on Nikhil and felt sad that they couldn’t believe the talented co-founder of Zerodha to have adopted such unfair means to win a petty game.


True enough, the post ended up getting viral and is trending on top in Twitter with #Vishy and other social media sites with many struggling to digest the unethical practices employed while playing an online chess game, putting the entrepreneur under severe flak.

What do you think about Nikhil’s actions? We believe he should have come clean during the game as a whole and accepted defeat. Let us know in the comments section.

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