Nita Ambani Could Never Become A Mother: How Akash & Isha Happened Is A Miracle

Being a mother is certainly the most elating feelings in the world. A woman can never know her true worth until she becomes a mother. However, there are many women who are unable to enjoy the happiness if being married and need to visit several gynaecologists and other doctors to conceive. And sometimes, miracles happen. And a similar miracle happened with Nita Ambani, the wife of the multimillionaire Mukesh Ambani.

When Nita was just 23, she was told that she could not conceive ever and become a mother. However, now, we know that she is a happy mother of three. In fact, her first pregnancy bore twins and she became mother to Akash and Isha and later she had Anant. But how did this miracle happen? Nita had talked about it the same in an earlier interview of being denied any chances of having babies.

She had once said in an interview about being told that she could never become a mother. She had recited her ordeal as,  “Becoming a mother. A few years after I got married, I was told by the doctors that I would never have children. Even when I was in school, I would write long, copious essays titled, ‘When I’ll be a mother…’ Here I was at the age of 23 being told that I would never conceive. I was shattered. However, with the help of Dr Firuza Parikh, who is one of my closest friends, I first conceived my twins!”

She had given birth to twins conceived through surrogacy, two months earlier than the assumed time. However, three years later, Anant Ambani was born to her naturally. While it was a smooth pregnancy, the humongous pregnancy weight gain had taken a toll on her. Speaking about the same, she had revealed, “Everything was double magnified. I was so overjoyed at being a mum that I had let myself go.”


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