Niti Taylor Says, “I Do What Makes Me Happy, Not To Impress Others”- Deets Inside

“This birthday will be a fabulous one,” says an excited Niti Taylor, who is in Goa to celebrate the day. “I have met my friends after two years and it gives me so much joy. I have a few friends, who I have known since 12 years and I treasure my friendship,” she says, adding that while her husband, Parikshit Bawa, is out of town working but “has been sending cute stuff, like flowers and notes though he doesn’t have many networks”.

The 27-year-old actress says she has been working since 2009 and has learned to forgive and forget in her life. She explains, “In the entertainment industry, while there are good people, there are others who will bitch about you. But you have to ignore them and have to move on. Everyone has struggles, misses out on opportunities, and sometimes things don’t work out or it’s not meant for you, so I have learned that it’s okay. I am a positive person. People ask me, ‘Why are you so happy?’. I tell them that I have learned that you have to love yourself. No one will do it for you. I do things in life, not to impress others but what make me happy. I want to look good for myself.”

Last seen on Ishqbaaz’s television show, Taylor admits that her acting career was good, but something was missing. “In 12 years of my career, I haven’t yet got that one role, that one show which makes them the famous world over. My career could have been better if I had made better choices. But I am okay. Everyone’s story and destination are different. My 2014 TV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, is so popular that even today people recognize me no matter where I go. That makes me happy,” she quips.

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She was absent from work not only for her wedding in August 2020 but also for a pandemic. She explains that she was uncomfortable at work because she wanted to be safe and wanted to protect her family. “But since things have eased up, a lot has changed in the industry. Actors are losing out on jobs as the per-day fees have dropped. I have been offered money I used to get as a newcomer. Influencers and tik tokers are getting signed. I want to tell people, acting bhi koi cheese hai? A good actor elevates a project while an actor with many social media followers might not necessarily make a project appealing. On the other hand, I am getting OTT offers as well but they have intimate scenes for the sake of it and I am not okay about doing them. Finding the right project is taking time,” she ends.

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