Authored by an unimaginably talented young mind Devanshi Singh, No Matter What I Do is an immensely relatable story of 4 entirely different people knotted together with the bond of love and friendship. Just like you, me and every other youngster in the modern cities, the four protagonists of the story – Kabir, Amaira, Kushank and Suhani are striving to find their real self which makes it even more easy to connect.

As they go on a journey to find themselves and their individuality, the roller-coaster like ups and downs in their life and bonds makes the book more intriguing and relatable. There are so many instances in the book where one feels, ‘Oh god! I have gone through the same feeling/phase.’ Moreover, the four lead characters are as diverse as our friends/personalities we meet and spend time with in our college, school or day-today life. While Kabir loves being the centre of attraction and politically ambitious, Kushank is a thinker, procrastinator, lacks confidence and doesn’t trust himself – more like all of us. Girls on the other hand, Amaira and Suhani are also relatably diverse. Amaira is a free-spirited girl who doesn’t believe in stereotypes, rather reverses them and is full of confidence. Whereas Suhani is a shy girl who easily settles with everything that life gives her and is scared to rebel. It is quite motivating and stimulating to watch these 4 youngsters walk the journey of love and friendship while their life takes unique turns and moulds.

The book teaches some crucial life lessons of how to turn vision into accomplished  target and handle relationships and most importantly, how to connect with life. The story also inspires the readers to seek the motto of life, individuality and the real self.

A very interesting, relatable and gripping read! You are surely gonna enjoy this one.

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