No doubt! Regular exercises or any kind of physical activities are important in your daily life to lose a few kilos of our body. It keeps your heart healthy and keeps your heart pumping. But if you are a bit lazy and not an exercise person, here is the key to weight loss when you have no interest or plans to get into more physical activities.

Get strict with your eating habits-

More consumption of calories equals less burning of body weight. Shift your eating schedule to having breakfast and lunch early and your final meal by 6 or 7 PM. This will give you a good 12-14 hours overnight without food which will gradually lose your weight. Another method would be consuming every 8 hours. For example- eating between 12-8 PM each day.

Focus on Macros-

You often hear about calorie control during weight loss but Macros aren’t mentioned much. It refers to a relative proportion of carbs, fats, proteins that combine to give your overall calorie intake. A diet which is calorie controlled but at the same time high in carbs wouldn’t make you lose your weight. Diet with few carbohydrate intakes would support weight loss.

Drink lots of water-

Lack of fluids in the body results in the reduction of cellular efficiency, constipation, fatigue and low energy levels. You tend to eat more and more if you don’t drink enough of water and in return do not respond to stress levels as efficiently as when you are hydrated. So the moral is drinking at least 2 litres of water per day and avoid drinks such as tea, coffee or any sweet beverages.

Sleep Well-

Adequate sleep supports optimal hormonal control. When you don’t get enough of sleep, the stress hormones in our body can be elevated which in turn acts to prevent fat from being metabolized. You need around 6-7 hours of sleep each night to avoid this. Also, sleeping more supports weight loss because the more we are in the bed the less time we’ll get to eat.

Just Focus-

This is not at all necessary that you have to hit the gym to lose weight but sitting all the day long wouldn’t actually lose weight. Walking is a must in your daily routine, walk at least 1000 steps to lose your weight. Don’t just spend 12-14 hours on your bed, this will definitely not going to help you.

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