Bigg Boss 12: Robin Gurjar From Noida To Be The Next Manveer Gurjar In The House

By admin

August 10, 2018

Manveer Gurjar not only won hearts with his desi looks and not giving a fuck attitude but also won the show in the end. He was just a commoner when he entered the show and went on to become the winner of Bigg Boss season 10. Now, the makers of Bigg Boss are looking for contestants for Bigg Boss 12 and it seems they’ve found their next Manveer Gurjar.


This year’s Bigg Boss would be about jodis and a child-parent Jodi has been selected for the show. If reports are to be believed, Robin Gurjar, a commoner from Noida and his mother Shyamvati have been selected to enter the madhouse of Bigg Boss. His Instagram feed is proof that he is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house with his mother and Only the PI round is remaining.


Commoners have always managed to give a tough competition to the celebrities who enter the Bigg Boss house and Robin would certainly be a tough one. Just like Manveer, we believe that Robin would also go till the end and who knows maybe even win the game.