Nokia 3310, the phone that defined the Nokia era

By admin

February 28, 2017

Even though we are surrounded by all the latest iOS and android devices these days but we won’t ever forget the master of all, Nokia 3310. The so called ‘indestructible’ device had a collection of features that led to it being branded as the most resilient and long-lasting phone ever made. The phone that was remembered by most of us is now actually returning to the grounds.

The Nokia 3310, launched 17 years ago has achieved a cult status of being an extreme hard phone with a great battery life. Despite the magnificent smartphone technology these days with immense features like 4G internet connection, touchscreens and an endless choice of apps, Nokia 3310 still holds a special place in our hearts. Nokia sold more than a 100 million pieces of them. The reputation has let it become the star in thousands of memes and even led people crushing it in a hydraulic press. The news of Nokia 3310 relaunch had spread like wildfire and Nokia fans are now looking for a modern version of the phone. The phone is being rumoured to get a price tag of EUR 59 which is roughly Rs. 4000 making it an interesting buy those in nostalgia and in a need of a secondary handset. The new version could hold the following features:

Battery life

The age of smartphones have surely witnessed innovations in terms of camera, user interface, ram power etc. but the battery life has suffered a setback as mobile communication evolved. The original Nokia 3310 offered a standby time of about 260 hours and a 4 hour 30 minutes of talk time just for a 1000mAh battery. And with the upcoming Nokia 3310, we can expect the return of an era of improved battery life.


The Nokia 3310 is known for being almost indestructible. It could easily survive accidental drop or even water spills. Moreover, it never required a screen protection unlike today’s smartphones. The upcoming Nokia 3310 can be expected to have a strong body just like its previous counterpart.

Popular Nokia games

The Nokia 3310 refresh is expected to bring back the legendary Snake game back on our hands. It was surely one of the most popular games in 2000s. Apart from it, Nokia 3310 featured other games like Space Impact and Pairs II as well.

Coloured Shells

Even though the unibody design killed the looks of original 3310, the Nokia 3310 refresh could also mean the return of colourful rear shells.

Minimalist features

We have got innumerable apps on the go with a single touch of our fingers. The Nokia 3310 was known for only a handful applications that you could use on it. It was not meant for myriad stuff that these smartphones do these days. It surely can be considered as a perfect phone if you want to take out some time for yourself from social media and selfies.

But we don’t actually need too many features to continue our tryst with this phone. Nokia had struggled to bring the brand into smartphone era and ended up being sold to Microsoft and has targeted success by making new versions of its old phones. And this might be their chance of getting back into the long run of smartphones.