Have you ever felt like you were just stupid enough to let go of your ex? Like he was such an amazing person and your decision of breaking up with him was just hasty and not well thought of? Well I will have to agree to disagree.

Breaking up with someone is never something you do in haste and it always has a good reason to do so. Breakups are a consequence of giving several chances to the other person who keeps failing them. So if you are thinking of giving your ex another chance, here are 7 reasons to not do so.

  • There was a reason for the breakup

Whenever you take the decision of ending something, you have a strong reason(s) to support it. Nobody breaks up just like that. There is always a reason big or small. So the very fact that you are choosing to get back with him is in a way disrespecting your own decision.


  • They are the same person

No matter what someone says, people barely change. You cannot expect someone to completely change themselves. So you are going to end up being with the same person whom you badly wanted to breakup with in the first place. Not worth it.


  • Move forward in life

There is no point looking back at what you have done in the past. The same applies to the guys you date because once you have shut him out of your life, you are only preparing for dooms day if you try to get back together. Breakups can teach you a lot about yourself and take it constructively by learning from your mistakes.


  • There will be unresolved issues

When you get back with someone, you will always have a past which will need explaining from both sides. You are going to end up clearing up those issues only to realise why you broke up with him in the first place.


  • Why let him hurt you twice?

No one should be given the chance to hurt you the second time. Remember that he had his chance of having you but he blew it away. If he was serious about being with you, he would have worked it out with you. So in such cases second chances don’t stand a chance.


  • The fun part ends pretty soon

When you start dating your ex, you will have all the fun you usually have at the start of any relationship. But once this ends, you will get back to the same drama that you previously had only to realise that he wasn’t worth it.


  • He doesn’t deserve the ‘new’ you

With every experience that you have you end up learning something. You work on your flaws and enhance your strengths. Even after a breakup, you work on yourself and improve as a person. You take a lot of effort to turn into this amazing self and you will only be giving it away to someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate it. Your decision of breaking up with him was because you thought you deserved better and since then you’ve even upgraded your game. So find someone who will treat you the way you should be treated.

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