Amidst the auspicious season of weddings and festivals, split news of Shweta Tiwari has put emerged as a major unfortunate eclipse. As per several media reports doing rounds on Internet, the blissful marriage of Shweta and her second hubby Abhinav Kohli is facing a tough test of the time.

One of their colleagues have revealed that the couple is having a massive clash over the issue of their respective success levels. While Shweta Tiwari has had success flowing in for the entire time she was active on screen, Abhinav has rather had a not so successful and a bumpy career in the world of acting and television. In fact, his career never witnessed a super high note.

So the contrasting success is reportedly playing a spoil sport between the love birds.

By the way, let us also tell you that whwn Shweta was dealing with the divorce case and ordeals of the abusive marriage with Raja Chaudhary, it was Abhinav Kohli who held her hand and supported her in the delicate time. He also accepted her daughter from previous marriage, Palak, with open hearts with whom he shares a beautiful bond now.

And the rumours of the trouble in their paradise are absolutely heart-breaking.

But wait, there is a good news too. A national daily contacted Abhinav Kohli to confirm the reports, but surprisingly, he denied all such rumours and maintained that everything was perfect between him and Shweta.
Well, we hope Abhinav’s stance is true!

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