Note Ban – Persuasion to shed the title given by village people


“Wouldn’t you like to have a wife?”

“Of course, I want to. Who told you that I won’t?”

My mother walked with me. “With the kind of life that you are living, I think you will be having no wife in your whole life. If you want a wife you must go to a city to work like all your friends.”

“You know I have difficulty following my friends as I like you, and this village, its greenery, its air, the most than anything else in my life.”

“Is it all more than a wife in your life?”

“Not at all, equal to a wife in life!”

“I have been trying to get a girl for you, but nobody wants to give one to a cowherd!”

“First time I heard that name and who had put that name on me. My name is Bhola and not a cowherd!”

“You got Bhola name from your father as he had felt that should be your name, and you got this cowherd name from the people as they feel, it should be your name now. And if you want a wife, you should have to difference the title.”

I smiled. “I don’t think anything wrong in the name of a cowherd. Why will I not have a wife?”

“You are famous in the whole village with that name, but with a very low income! We had not even painted our house since your father departed. Enjoying the village and its forest is not enough to get a girl. To marry a girl you should make money. You must work hard for it.”

“There is nothing to work hard in my work. I cannot force the cows to eat more grass. If I do, then also people would not give me more money for it.” #Come Back Tomorrow