Part – 1

I was about 25-year-old, unmarried and friendless. My all friends had gone to big cities to work there and make money, but I felt extremely lucky to be in our village to enjoy life. I was not fond of any cities as our village was such a charming with little houses, fields of yellow wheat and a green forest with beautiful flowers of every colour. I liked to wander at my ease in the fields and the forests of our village. I enjoyed the sunlight, the flowers, and the birds of my village.

Five years ago, my father died, and then my neighbours began to hire me to take care of their cows. Every morning I drove a great flock of cows out upon the fields and forests, and while they surfed upon the grass, I moseyed around in the woods or went to sleep on the tree branches. In the evening, I got the cows together to drive them slowly back to the village.

One evening when I was reaching home, I saw my mother was standing on the road and talking to an old man. All the people for miles around knew him as a marriage broker. When I came to near them, I heard the man saying to my mother, “If he goes to work there, I promise to make it within a year. Now I am helpless as nobody likes to give his girl to a cowherd boy.”

When the man saw me, he was surprised and walked away. I asked my mother, “Who is that cowherd here?”

My mother said, “You wished this grander title, so you got it!”

“Oh! You were talking about me. What was it?” I asked my mother although I was sure she was trying to get me a girl for my marriage. #Come Back Tomorrow.

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