Did you notice these 6 big mistakes in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?

  1. Tina left 8 letters for her daughter. How did she read those letters in the age of 1 and 2?

2.       When everyone was playing dumb charade and Anjali was giving a clue to Rahul’s team, there was no girl sitting on his lap. However, a girl is seen sitting on his lap when it is his turn to answer.

3.       Rahul ran too far from the platform when he was asking Anjali to stop and get off the train. But in the very next shot, he is seen on the platform with Tina standing behind him.

4. In a sequence, Anjali was seen running into the woods with no one around her. Suddenly, Aman comes from behind. How did he get to know that?

5.       Once Rahul and Tina bumped into each other and everything in Tina’s hand was on floor. Rahul kept his skateboard behind Tina but when he got up, he took the skateboard from his front.

6.       Rahul and Anjali were cheered with rotten tomatoes and bottles when the wrong song played. In the next shot, when Tina enters, the floor gets clean magically!