Nushrat Bharucha On Casting In Bollywood, “They Think Poster Pe Kya Acha Lagega”

Nushrat Bharucha, who rose to fame with Pyaar Ka Punchnama, is receiving a lot of praise for her performance in her recently released film ‘Chalaang’. The 35 years old actress has been making headlines for her different roles that sometimes even receive criticism for the portrayal of women. However, it all has helped her reach the place she’s at right now. And now, she has opened up about her thoughts on Bollywood and how the industry works.

Nushrat Bharucha

Talking about casting in Bollywood, Nushrat Bharucha stated that Bollywood is is not open to newer casting as people still have the “‘poster pe kya achha lagega’ attitude.” She said, “The negative part, today personally is we still are very limited close-minded in our sight of casting. I feel we are not open to newer, different casting. We feel like casting the same people in similar kinds of roles, in similar kinds of films. I feel they are not trusting actors as much as they should, or they are not opening up their minds to see ‘aisa role iss ladke ya ladki ko karte nahi dekha hai’.”

She continued, “A refreshing casting is what the actor seeks, as all actors according to her are talented and can bring something new to the characters. But what happens instead is this, “We still want to go with ‘poster pe kya achha lagega’ attitude, which I think should change.”

Adding further she said, “They want to see me in similar romantic comedies. I have worked now in some and have a certain space of mine, but I want to do other things too. Why don’t you trust me that it will become a success? Basically that. There are films, I go out and try and want to be a part of. The answer that I get back is ‘maybe for a romantic comedy’. But I am like ‘why not this?’ Before my romantic comedies did well, people didn’t want to cast me in that!”

Nushrat concluded, “I genuinely feel OTTs will change, for the better, the Indian audiences and the way they viewed films. The content that is there too, because now they will actually like the film for the film, and not for the box office success of it,” she says.  “There will not be the extra influence of ‘arre itne paise kamaaye toh film achhi hogi’. Zaroori nahi hai! Judgment for that will get real, and we will have a stronger fan following which is more true to our art, our sensibilities. I am very glad.”

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