On Sridevi’s First Birthday After Demise, Daughter Janhvi Recalls Mom’s First Advice

By admin

August 13, 2018

The legendary actress Sridevi pas**ed away in February this year. Her 55th birthday is around the corner and her family is all set to celebrate the lat*e actress’s first birthday after her dea**h. Her daughter Janvhi Kapoor has come up with the first advice her mom Sridevi gave her.


Remembering her mother’s words, the 21-year-old actress told a leading newspaper, “You have to create an impact with whatever little you get. If one can leave an impression [in such parts] on audiences and touch their hearts, then there’s nothing like it. That’s what mum [Sridevi] always used to say. She would tell me, ‘it’s never about the kind of role you get… you need to create magic with whatever is given to you’. I hope that I can get to that [stage] one day.”

Janhvi even posted an adorable throwback childhood picture remembering her mother where we can see baby Janhvi in Sridevi’s arms while dad, Boney Kapoor stands behind them.