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Are you one of the victim of over thinking? Check out.

By Priyanka Dhar

January 06, 2017

Have you ever experienced one strange thing?, that when you sit all alone and start thinking about something rather than getting any solution you just get sink in more thoughts. And sometimes it becomes impossible to come out of that sinking sensation which is full of unnecessary thoughts. Spending too much time in your own head thinking about things leads to overthinking. Over thinking are diseases which don’t have any medicine because you are the one responsible to get into such depressing situation. Piling up unnecessary things inside your head can only give you depression, tension, loneliness, and so much insecurity and hence it directly drags you to an unhappy world.

Think again…or rather, don’t, because overthinking can harm people more than help them, and here are symptoms of overthinking.

  1. You lose touch with reality.

Focusing on what if instead of what is  detrimental because you cannot focus on what is happening around you. You get so caught up in your entangled thoughts and emotions that you become numb to people, places, and things around you. You forget where you are, and even worse you forget who you are.

  1. You think of the worst, instead of the better.

Focusing on the worst possible outcomes will only lead you to believe that you deserve the worst for yourself instead of the better things in life. Thinking about the worst thing that could happen not only scares you, but it unnecessarily worries you and doesn’t let you relax at all. Because it’s not one worst possible outcome you’re often thinking of, it’s a million and a half of apocalyptic situations that rattle inside your head constantly.

  1. You start to believe happiness doesn’t exist.

Happiness is characterized by positive emotions. The emotions that come from over thinking are often very negative, and can make one think that happiness is unreachable, or not for that person to feel. Happiness isn’t made for people; it’s made because of what people feel. Generating a positive outlook helps.

  1. You hide instead of facing your fears.

Overthinking can make people paranoid about everything. Everything seems more dangerous than it actually is. It all becomes fight or flight, and usually it’s flight.

  1. You forget how to trust.

Trusting people is always hard when you have trouble trusting yourself and your own thoughts.