Only THIS Person Can Wake Salman Khan From His Sleep, Says Loveyatri Star Aayush Sharma

Everyone knowns Salman Khan has a temper, so one can imagine waking him up from his sleep could have dire consequences. Salman usually hate any kind of disturbance when he is sleeping at his home. Well, there is only one person who would dare to do the deed and he’s none other than Ahil Sharma.

Ahil Sharma is the son of Salman Khan’s sister, Arpita Khan & Aayush Sharma. Aayush is all set to make his debut on the big screen with his film, Loveyatri. Their son, Ahil Sharma is everyone’s favourite. Salman Khan has an immense love for his nephew, Ahil Sharma.

In an interview with Deccan Chronicle, Aayush Sharma revealed a ton about the Khan household and how Salman Khan’s relationship with his sister Arpita Khan and nephew Ahil. Is there anyone in this world who would dare to wake SALMAN BHAI while he is sleeping?  Yes, it’s Ahil!

“With Salman bhai, Arpita has been more like his daughter than a sister. He’s always taking care of her like a daughter. Now Arpita and his son is even special. It’s not just for Salman bhai, but the whole family. Salman bhai also gets a little break with Ahil. If Ahil wants bhai to get up, he’ll pull him and bhai doesn’t say anything to him. But we’re not allowed. He gets away with everything. Ahil doesn’t sleep before 4 am. He likes to party with us. Bhai even takes Ahil with him to shoot.”, Ayush said.

The Loveyatri actor also revealed that when he began shooting for his debut film, Ahil could only babble then.  He also expressed his feelings for not being able to spend more time with his toddler son. “When I started shooting for Loveyatri, Ahil was still babbling. Now when I come back home, I see him making sentences and communicating fully. So for me I’ve lost a big chunk of his time.”, said Aayush.

Whenever I come home and hear him say something new, I look at Arpita and say, ‘Every time. I missed out on so many things.’ He walks so fast now! I remember holding him for the first time in the hospital. He once told me, ‘Papa aap Chogada’. I have missed out a lot but I think it will be worth it when Loveyatri will be hit and he will be proud of papa when he goes to school,” Aayush further added.

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