A huge controversy has spurred out ever since Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma went out to distribute food sanitizers, masks, and other essential items to the needy in this lockdown. Jay Bhanushali called it nothing but a PR stunt and when his wife was abused on social media, she vents out on social media and even called the fans of Paras and Mahira dogs. Now, Paras has come out and spoken on the matter.

Now, Paras, in an interview with TOI, has reacted to Jay’s criticism. “Honestly, speaking I know that person has this attitude of criticising everything. They are not doing anything and are at home. They are sitting at home in an air-conditioned room and making comments about me,” said Paras, referring to Jay Bhanushali. Paras revealed how his and Mahira’s sole intention was to help the ones in need, as they lack all the basic commodities like food, masks and shelter. The actor added that both he and Mahira followed all the guidelines issued by WHO while doing the needful.


Reacting to Jay’s tweet, Paras added, “Why will I or Mahira show off and what will we get from this. I don’t want this kind of publicity and in the first place we have just come out of such a big show and we did great in it. Why will we need publicity? Mahira and I are already seen on TV because of the Bigg Boss 13 rerun. We have been seen on TV since last 7 months from September, I was part of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge also, I don’t need such publicity.”