Parineeti Chopra does it again! Gets slammed for posting this insensitive video

Parineeti Chopra who is known for her wit and natural acting skills recently infuriated social media folks with an Instagram post. She posted a video of herself walking across the beach in Dubai wearing a little black dress. What made the people angry was, a man walking beside her who was holding an umbrella for her as she walked. The man was already laden with 3 bags on his shoulders. This got people angry who burst out at her for being so insensitive and posted raged comments.

“Holding your own umbrella won’t make you any less of a star”, commented a user. “The umbrella must have been a 100 kilos”, read another sarcastic comment. The post generated around 500 such comments in no time.

This is not the first time when Parineeti has been accused of being insensitive. She fat-shammed one of her friends last year in a birthday post. She wrote, ‘Eat Less, Become Thin’. The actress was also then accused of being a hypocrite as she had earlier publically spoken about being a victim of body shamming for not being thin enough and later for being too thin.

After a lot of criticism, she deleted the post from her Instagram account and has now posted yet another video from her Dubai vacay where she is seen holding her umbrella herself. “All set for day 2 in Dubai. Yes taken your advice and holding my umbrella which ain’t so heavy. Loving my holiday. Thanks”, she sarcastically wrote with the new post. What do you think about the matter? Let us know in the comments section.