Parineeti Chopra Playing “No Acceptance And No Denial” Game About Rumoured Beau, Charit Desai

Bollywood Industry is full of glam and glitz. Some people are getting engaged, some are getting married, some are giving birth to the infants whereas some are getting linked with the other people. It is kind of a part of a celebrity’s life. And now again, Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra has taken the limelight as she said ‘no comments’ for her latest link up.

Parineeti Chopra has been linked up with assistant director, Charit Desai for the quite some time now. And she is totally avoiding this question about their link up. The two of them met each other during the Dream Team Tour in 2016. And after some time only, the media started gossiping about the new love story.

Now finally, ‘Kesari’ actress opened up on her relationship in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, she shared, “I’ve never accepted or denied anything. My family, friends, and everybody around know the truth, and that’s all that matters to me. I think the media expects us to make an announcement, but hey, it is my personal life for a reason. So yeah, no acceptance and no denial.”

Lately, in an interview with Filmfare, Parineeti gave us a hint about the most important thing in her life (we think she is referring to Charit) and had shared, “That’s a secret. But yes, being happy is the most important thing in my life. Something, which I never gave thought to before. Earlier, I’d only think about work. I never concentrated on my life as such. I just went about shooting, travelling… But today I’m living life consciously. Like I must do these things today, I must achieve this today. I’m conscious about my personal life, which includes my love life, my family, my friends and my team and how I can keep these areas safe and good. Having a balanced life, is my priority. We can work like mad but post pack-up, one should enjoy a personal life full of friends, laughter and travel. Earlier, I used to work selfishly ñ in the sense I never cared about my people the way I do today. I had forgotten the importance of my own self. Not anymore.”

Well, let’s see how much time Pari takes to reveal the truth about her relationship.


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