This year, the last day of the Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 was dedicated to Pearl Portfolio. It showcased the collections of around 350 graduating students from Delhi NCR, Jaipur and Mumbai. It was the first time that students of fashion designing, styling, textile and jewellery designing got a chance to present their work on such a big platform.

Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) joined hands with one of India’s leading institution in design, fashion and media communication, Pearl Academy, to give their students a creative space to exhibit their work.


The day had five shows by the Pearl Academy that featured over 600 ensembles by 350 plus students. Earlier, the academy used to have Pearl Portfolio, which was a signature event organised for all the graduating students from the School of Fashion, Styling and Textiles.

Sunil Sethi, President, FDCI announced their collaboration with Pearl, “We are delighted to present the Pearl Portfolio as it is a creative space, which fosters fresh ideas through enabling design education. As a leading body that promotes design excellence, this collaboration will give an opportunity to greenhorns, to have an eclectic vision for the future.”


Pearl Academy’s collaboration with FDCI has surely given all its students great exposure. Not only they got to have such an invaluable experience, but they also gained practical knowledge.

The star highlight of the exhibition was the unique themes that the students chose for their products. What made their collections stand out was the ideas and innovation involved. One of it was ‘Raunaq’, a collection of 5 ensembles that celebrated bright colors in the union of two souls. The collection was entirely made out of waste material (kataran).

“My idea was to use waste fabric (kataran) collected from various tailors in my neighborhood and developing them into interesting surfaces. As wedding dresses these days are exorbitantly priced, I chose kataran to make my garment look more interesting, unique and beautiful. My main aim was to make best use of the waste material available without spending a lot on the beautification of the garment”, said Devyani on the thought behind her collection.



Another one was Infusion that drew inspiration from the growing influence of technology in everyday life. The garments from the collection are interlined with smart memory fibres/memory alloys which are temperature – responsive and remember different shapes at different temperatures. They are specially designed for people who travel a lot. The garments stay deflated when at a hot place and inflate lightly in cold temperatures.

“We have got an amazing opportunity to display our graduating collection on such a big platform. We used to have portfolio earlier which was a graduating collection show but this time it has got professional with Amazon India Fashion Week. We have got to learn a lot, how things in the fashion industry work, it was just an amazing experience!”, said Avneet Bansal, the mind behind Infusion.


Mr SP Goel, Joint Secretary, Ministry of HRD, Government of India, Mr Roopak Vasishtha, CEO & Director General at Skills Council for Apparel – Apparel Made –Ups & Home Furnishing Sector, Skill Council, Mr Abhishek Singh, District Magistrate, New Delhi, designers such as Anju Modi, Rahul Mishra and Liz Paul were present at the finale.

FDCI President, Sunil Sethi appreciated the efforts put in by the budding designers and said, “I am highly impressed with the collections that have been put together by the students and I think they are ready to join the industry already. This is a great opportunity that these students have got and I am sure it will go a long way in instilling confidence in them. It is important for the fashion industry to raise capable successors and I have full faith that these students will set new benchmarks in the industry. Their energy has been infectious and I hope Pearl Academy will continue to produce such fabulous professionals for our industry”. 

Professor Nandita Abraham, CEO, Pearl Academy shared the joy of collaborating with FDCI and said, “It is fabulous feeling for our students to be presenting their collections at the prestigious Amazon India Fashion Week. Our collaboration with FDCI has given superlative industry exposure to our students in the form of Master classes taken by renowned designers of India at our campuses. All this combined with the hard work of our students has led to this day where our students are sharing this platform with big names in the Fashion Industry”.  “This is the first time that students from a college are getting such an opportunity and I am sure that the great work of our students will shine through so that they get this opportunity every year”, she added.


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