Peep INSIDE Dipika-Shoaib’s Special Eid Preparation After Marriage!

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim got hitched this year in a Nikkah ceremony. Since then they are giving major wedding goals. The couple celebrated their post-marriage ceremonies in Bhopal which is Shoaib’s hometown and after marriage Dipika also confessed that she has converted her religion into Islam and now she is a Muslim.

Dipika now being a Muslim is learning the rituals and enjoying Ramzaan. She has also been preparing for her first Eid as she wants it to be special. In an interview when asked about her Eid Preparation she told, “I will definitely spend time with family, after all, it’s my first Eid after marriage. Everyone in the family is very excited right now, we even have a brand new wardrobe for the festival”.

She also revealed about her outfit for Eid and said, “I would be wearing a green coloured Sharara. At least, that’s the plan. I am also excited much about the elaborate henna that would be applying on my hands, the day before”.
Dipika also looks excited about the menu of Eid, she shares what she wants to make for her hubby,” The menu is yet not decided but it will be a three-course meal, right from chaat to biryani and sweets, all made by me”. She further added, “Shoaib likes Achari Mutton, Daal Baati and Paneer Makhni, that I make”.

Indeed Dipika is a perfect wifey and a perfect homemaker!

Dipika also told that she knew her decision of changing her religion will create a bizarre in public, but she was ready to face the criticism as Shoaib and both the families fully supported her. Moreover, she added that she was broken after the failure of her first marriage and thought will never be able to cope up with that. But steadily Shoaib’s presence made the path beautiful and she found happiness again.

Recently the couple also posted some unofficial vows and promises made to each other on social media which reads, “Some unofficial marriage vows!!! Smallest things are the most important. So here we promise each other we will do our duties and help each other in all the daily chores of every day!!! We will spread happiness in our lives and never let the friendship fade off. We will build a happy comfortable world for ourselves and stay happily ever after. #dodilmilrahehain #dodilmilgaye”.

Well, their Eid looks very exciting and full filled. And we can’t wait to see their Eid pictures!


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