Why people are obsessed with Korean beauty products

Did you know that Marie Claire has said that Korea is the new skincare superpower? Irrespective of whether this information had made to your ears or not, it is the truth. Fashion and cosmetic conscious people are flocking towards the Korean market and that too for good reasons.

The first reason is the Korean consumer market. When industries produce products, it is for the consumers. When consumer demands meet the products produced and are satisfied, it is only then that the product and the industry can grow. Koreans are trying to become perfect, almost fictional. A single flaw is intolerable. They want their skin to be smooth, clear, bright, and plump and all the good synonyms you can find in the dictionary. In fact, the demands are so high that even their industry and dermatologists are out of breath trying to cope up. But this is the very reason as to why the Korean industry is so competitive, ever growing and innovative. Thanks to the ladies who are freely buying as many cosmetics as they like, the industry also has money to expand and grow.

Sheet masks, bb creams, cushion impact and many more products have originated from Korea. They have an amazing visual appeal to them as well as good user friendly design. The products are cute to look at and easy to use and most importantly, widely available with good output.

Why are the outputs good? They are gentle and as chemical free as possible. Unlike our industries whose main aim is to make money, irrespective of what the consumer is seeking, Korean industries always do their research. Korean products use natural ingredients, which is obviously more appealing as well as more effective.

We know the natural ingredients that work good on our skin and apply them irrespective of whether we use chemical filled cosmetics or not, so what is lacking? Innovation in ingredients. Korean products have a ton of natural ingredients, not just honey and lemon. They use bee venom, snail mucin and a variety of natural ingredients that we don’t even know can be applied on our skin.

Price. Unlike the high prices in our countries, the Korean industry is vast and all brands are in a cut throat competition with each other. In such a scenario, where the products are all high quality and promising almost the same results, what makes a product more appealing? A lower price. Just because Koreans customers buy lots of products, does not mean that they have no value for their money. Because of this, the industries are also bound to keep the costs down.