Applying for visa? And expect a hassle-free clearance? Then here we present you the ‘Hawaijahaaz or Aeroplane Gurudwara’ which can help you with this… Or at least that’s what the people of Talhan believe.

Shaheed baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara which is popularly known as the airplane Gurudwara is a 150-year old gurudwara located in Talhan, a small village which is around 12km away from Jhalandar. A  wave of belief  flows in this city i.e. those seeking visa should pray with utmost sincerity in this shrine and if he/she does so then ‘Babaji’ will clear their visa as a reward.  Thousands of people visit this shrine make an offering of toy-airplanes and leave the place with bright-lit eyes and a dream to visit abroad. Multiple toy shops are line up outside this Gurudwara and sell a variety of toy-planes.

Digging out further on this place we got know that it is a  custom of modern as it started only 10-15 years ago. Although, the ins and outs of the emergence of this custom are still not known. According to sources, the Gurudwara management doesn’t support superstitions but also believes that they can’t stop people from following them.

Incidences like these prove that a spectrum of superstitions continue to overcast the mind of Indians. After a good research we came across many other such temples that happen to exist all over India. It’s hard to believe that beliefs like these still persists even in the 21st century. Where other countries have taken a step towards modernization Indians are not ready to lose the grip of these irrationalities. What do you think people, Isn’t it something to mull over?

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