Some ‘baby steps’ (away) from the post-pregnancy weight.
By Tarang Sinha
Tanya, 35, took the Delhi Metro from Tis Hazari to Pratap Nagar. There were no vacant seats. ‘Just two stations. Never mind,’ She thought, standing.
After a while, a young woman who was sitting offered
Tanya her seat.
“No, it’s okay,” said Tanya and kept standing. The woman insisted. Tanya refused politely saying that she would alight at the next stop.
After she disembarked the Metro, she wondered why a young woman would offer her seat to another young and healthy woman. We offer our seat to senior citizens or maybe to a pregnant…Oh! The woman might be thinking that Tanya was pregnant – thanks to her post-pregnancy bulging tummy!
Do people think you are still pregnant

Giving birth to a bundle of joy is sheer bliss, but with this priceless bliss comes a load of extra weight that every new mom wants to get rid of, eventually.
When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made her first (plump) public appearance after her pregnancy, she had to face criticism. The good thing was that it did not affect her and she followed the balanced act.

Doctors and nutritionists say that one should not rush into weight-loss immediately after child-birth. The first priority should be the health of the mother and the baby.

As a new mother, losing weight is not an immediate process and you can’t afford to strain yourself just after pregnancy. You can’t ignore your diet. You need to rest. Plus, being a new mom, you hardly get uninterrupted time and silence for yoga or exercise.

It’s frustrating, right? But, remember, you haven’t gained weight in a day or a week, so how can you expect to lose it in a day or a week?

So, it is better to take small, simple and, most importantly, practical steps before going for a strenuous journey.

Weight-loss or gain is based on a simple logic. The extra calories that your body does not use up, settle down as ‘fat’. When you consume more calories than your body needs, you gain weight. When you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight.

Here are some practical baby steps to lose weight. It will bring small changes and encourage you to check your weight.

A walk to remember

Take some time for a ‘brisk’ walk every evening or morning in a park nearby. Just for half an hour. Or you can even take rounds on the roads of your colony. Fix your schedule for this walk and stick to it. Your family will understand and adjust accordingly.

It will not just help you to lose your weight slowly but it will provide you some personal time. Time to think. To realise.To plan. You may also get a chance to have a chat with your neighbour or friends. Keep these charts short. Remember, you are out to take a brisk walk. You’ll surely return refreshed with less calories.

 Jumping Jack

Do you remember the last time you jumped rope? Maybe in your childhood. Right?

Generally, being a homemaker or working woman, setting an exercising schedule is difficult. It’s time- consuming too, and takes a lot of procrastination. You need a fixed frame of uninterrupted time for exercise or yoga.

how jump a women

Try skipping rope. You are never too old to try it. It’s inexpensive. Easy to carry anywhere you go. You can do it any time. Even when you are waiting for your rice to boil or pressure cooker to whistle or even when watching television.

Jumping rope is the only exercise that burns maximum calories per minute. Thirty minutes of jump rope burns approx. 300 calories and it takes about 3500 calories to lose about half a kilo. So, if you jump 30 minutes a day, you may lose two kilos a month without any dieting sessions. But it’s not that easy if you are not in practice. Start slow, according to your capacity. Go on and revisit your childhood!

Drinking water is cool

Ah, water! The elixir of life!

A dehydrated body tends to store the toxin in fat cells as they cannot remove them effectively. Water can help you lose weight in many ways as drinking water speeds up the metabolism of the body. According to a research, increased water intake can burn extra calories.

If you drink plenty of water naturally, it’s very good. But if you don’t, plan it! Keep a specially designed water-filled bottle (This-is- my-special-bottle feeling may seem interesting) near you all the time and take a few gulps every half-hour.

If you feel hungry, drink water. Sometimes, when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty. Drink some water before every meal. It’ll make you eat less.

It will not just help you lose your weight but it’s awesome for your skin and hair! So, get close to water and glow!

Sugar is too sweet

“No Sugar” thought makes me panic. But less sugar is always better than no sugar. Too much sugar is not good and we all know that.

Sugar is the biggest culprit of weight-gain. But you don’t have to stop eating sugar or sweet things. Just cut it down a little for starters. If you take four spoons of sugar every day, make it three or maybe two. Or replace it with gur or jaggery. Jaggery not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also fulfils your mineral intake.

If you really have a bad yearning for sweets, try dates and raisins, of course in moderate amount. They are very sweet and healthy.

Leave the leftovers

Until you balance your weight, leave your endearment for leftovers. Generally, Indian homemakers are inclined towards consuming leftovers because they don’t want to waste food.

Throwing away your food is indeed a sin. So prepare limited amounts of food so that you consume it all. But if you are still left with leftovers, do not rush to consume it. Keep it in the fridge and have them when you are up for your next meal. Or you can use those leftovers to prepare some more interesting meals. Like, if you are left with dal, you can make dal paratha for breakfast. Or if you have vegetable curry, don’t worry. They make really nice sandwiches.

If you can’t keep it, then give them to someone in need of food. But do not eat for the sake of saving even you are not hungry. It is the question of your weight.

green tea

Green wonder!

Green tea is revolutionary! It is an elixir of good health! Studies have proved that it boosts the metabolism and prompts weight loss. It is linked to antioxidant catechins that green tea is rich in.

It may not taste good but it can do wonders. It would be wonderful if you could replace your regular tea with green tea but if you can’t then don’t worry. Just make sure that you have a cup of green tea every day.

Can’t stay still?

Great! Keep fidgeting. Walk around and stand often. Walk while talking over the phone. Stand while helping your children with their homework. Your every movement burns calories.

Some psychological factors

Brushing ritual

If you are a night owl, you are most likely to gain weight. Not just because you have disturbed sleep but you tend to eat late-night snacks. Late-night snacks are one of the culprits of weight-gain. So, brush your teeth immediately after dinner. It has some psychological effect on your mind and prevents you from eating anything after dinner.

Count your calories

Google search and you will find some websites that have calorie counters. They will count the required calories for you for weight-loss according to your height, weight, age and the activities you perform every day. Once you know your daily calorie requirement, start counting your calories every time you eat. It will affect you psychologically and make you stick under the requirement of your body.

Can you fit in your old dress?

You go to the market and see some really nice modern clothes but you can’t find your size. Feel bad for your inability to wear those clothes? Instead of buying new loose clothes, wear your old clothes that used to fit you once. Your bulging figure will inspire you to work-out.

So, take these little steps to gain weight-loss. It will bring a positive change, in your weight and lifestyle. Your body reflects your lifestyle. Try and keep the change.

And these steps are not difficult at all.

Are they?

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