Perfect eyebrow shape for each face cut!

Never underestimate the power of eyebrows! Finely-shaped and well-groomed eyebrows can do wonders to your look. No matter whether your eyes are big or not, your nose is short or broad – eyebrows are the most defining feature of your face. While plucking some extra growth gives your face a very fresh and neat look, a mere arch or change in shape enhances your overall features!

Here’s how you can nail your brow game according to your face cut!

1. Round Shape: The round shaped face is also called as babyface because it doesn’t age at all. If your face is round, you are purely lucky! In terms of eyebrows, this face cut requires definition and hence, high-arched eyebrows go well with it.

Also, girls with this face cut should avoid round eyebrows!

2. Oval Shape: This is one of the most common face cuts. Women with oval-shaped faces should embrace thick and angled eyebrows. Thin brows are a big no!


3. Square: Women with square face cut have a symmetrical face and a well-defined square jaw, which is their most prominent feature. In this case, thin and medium arched eyebrows suit the best. Round and thick brows must be ignored.

4. Oblong: If you have a long face with a curved chin, it is best that you carry eyebrows with a downward curve. Since this face cut lacks roundness, arched eyebrows should be avoided.


5. Diamond-shaped face: In this type of face cut, the forehead is narrow and the face is widest in the middle (from cheekbone to cheekbone), just like a diamond. Since the face is already angular, round-balanced brows are best choice! Arched and thicker brows must be ignored.


6. Heart-shaped: This one is similar to that of oval shape but the only difference is that the chin area is sharp. Low-arched are best suited for this face cut!


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