Author Jalaj Shrivastava takes you on an enthralling ride with his maiden novel, The Perfect Suicide. Shrivastava, a former IAS and IPS officer perfectly uses his real life incidents and experiences to craft this thriller.
The storyline:
On Valentine’s Day, 2016, the elite women of IPS Officers’ Wives’ Associations are relishing their annual lunch. Perhaps the most powerful single group of 200 women are heartily enjoying their meal on a top-floor restaurant in New Delhi. But that is when it all begins – Suddenly they are taken hostage by terrorists, and to its worse, the entire floor is wired with explosives.

Taken aback with the incident, ,their husbands, the cream of Police force, huddle in the lobby and plan the smartest strategies to rescue their wives. As the time passes by, the situation looks hopeless with terrorists’ firm dominance. After series of some actions and hints, it looks like terrorists have some another agenda wrapped inside the contours of yet another!
And, then begins a thrilling gripping ride which keeps you hooked till the end with endless twists as whites and blacks become indistinct.
If thrillers excite you and give you adrenaline rush, The Perfect Suicide is definitely a must read for you.
About the Author:
Jalaj Shrivastave taught Physics in Delhi Universities’ St. Stephen’s College in 1981-82. He joined IPS in 1983 and then IAS in 1984. He is soon coming up with his second book, “The Dog Who Spoke Too Much”.

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