The idea of spending an entire lifetime with someone you can be totally be stupid with is as good as it sounds.

No surprises/shocks: You know each other for a long time. And so you know each other’s preferences, there won’t be any weirdness over your table etiquette, favourite food and even your lame jokes.

Happy tears

You know how to cheer up each other: You may have a crappy day at work, poor equation with colleagues. What keeps you going is that at the end of the day you will have the time you spend with your soulmate. All your stress is shooed away as soon as a glimpse of him. You can talk literally about anything and other one won’t be bored, because they know you too well, to face situations like these.

You can criticise each other in any way: Unlike other couples who take several years to get to this step, you have been there a long time ago. And you know what’s the fun part? Without a regular dose of criticism you might feel a crucial part of intimacy missing in your relationship. This part reflects how well you understand each other and how compatible you are.

Every mealtime is a date for you: We all are pretty well about idea of an ideal date. Aren’t we? A handsome man and gorgeous woman, in alluring outfits walking to their table in a sophisticated and formal way. This picture is pretty much altered in a BFF case. You can crash on your couch, talking about your day. Every day feels like a ‘date’, where you can totally be yourself, wearing pyjamas and having a happy time with him.

Best of all

There is no such thing as ‘trust issues’, pranks are part of your daily routine, only tears you can have in such a relationship are happy tears and most importantly you can never get enough of him.

Kanika Balani

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