Photo Of Ananya Panday, Shahid Kapoor Sitting Together Goes Viral; Check Out Story To Know More!

The official account of the IIFA Awards recently released a photo of Bollywood actress Ananya Panday and Shahid Kapoor sitting on the set of their movie Kali Peeli.


Soon, rumors began circulating that they were dating. Although they never confirmed their relationship, they pointed it out during interviews, visits and vacations.

Ananya Panday attends Shahid Kapoor's birthday bash with rumoured boyfriend Ishaan Khatter

Ananya Panday attends Shahid Kapoor’s birthday bash with rumoured boyfriend Ishaan Khatter

The couple broke up after nearly three years of dating, and rumors say they are no longer in spoken word. However, the latest photo is spreading on social media and it tells a different story. To learn more, read on.

Ananya Pandey and Ishant Cutter’s half-brother Shahid Kapoor sit next to each other in a photo released by the official account of the IIFA Awards. Ananya was reading something on Shahid’s phone. Ananya looks gorgeous in brown pants and a gray top while Shahid looks stunning in her casuals.

According to the photo, the two seem to be very comfortable with each other. The photo also shows that there were no bad moments between Ananya and her ex-boyfriend Ishan Cutter or her family members.

A bad moment between Ishaan and her at Karan Johar’s party broke the ice and they may be good enough to be sweet and friendly to each other.

Shortly after the IIFA upload, social media users tried to comment on the film. “Be like Shahid- ‘Ice Karna Hai according to Tek Yeh Wala dance,” said one user. One user said, “Ye toh bada hard lgra hail” and another said, “Your checks are credited.” The third user wrote, “Shahid Kapoor Ananya B ….”

Meanwhile, Salman Khan, Riteish Deshmukh and Manish Paul are set to host the awards ceremony. On the other hand, Farah Khan and Aparshakti Khurana will serve as MCs. At IIFA 2022, many Bollywood celebrities will be performing.

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