Pictures from Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan’s holiday in Kashmir are going viral, have a look..

We all love Hiten Tejwani, for his honesty and simplicity. Hiten was last seen on Bigg Boss season 11 and he was brilliant on the show. He was evicted surprisingly in the middle of the show and it came as a shock to all his fans. For all those who followed the show, know that he played the game well inside the Bigg Boss house. He was always seen holding a decent image on the show. He never planned anything evil or spoke foul about anyone inside the house. Also, he had a great fan following. But when his co-contestants started feeling that he is a tough competitor on the show, they threw him out of the show somehow during an eviction session and it was a shock to everyone. Host of the show, Salman Khan was also shocked to see Hiten Tejwani going out of the house and he also praised him for playing the game really well.

Anyhow, the show is now over and Hiten Tejwani is happy and high! Ever since he is out of the Bigg Boss house, he is very active on his social media handles. He is seen posting pictures of his Instagram handle every now and then. His fans are really happy to see him like this. Recently, Hiten was on a vacation with wifey Gauri Pradhan. The two headed for a romantic holiday in Kashmir and we are happy to see all their pictures from the trip.

The two look adorable together and we really can’t have enough of this couple in real life! Most of us know that Gauri and Hiten got married in a love set up and even after years today, the two stand strong together with each other. Gauri was also seen on the Bigg Boss show during the task and it was a moment for all their fans to celebrate as they got really emotional seeing each other and one could see the love in their eyes.

Meanwhile, we are really excited to see their pictures from their holiday. Have a look:

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